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Add Variant Help

What is Variant ?

This option allows Seller to add different variations  of product listing. 

Why is Variant Important ?

  • Variants are important if you are selling different products.  Buyer will see options to select from your given variants during order. 

  • This will reduce communication time and confusion for shipping and Drop-off orders. 

How To Add Variants ?

  • Click on + Add Variants link from Item Description page of Add new Listing section. Add Variant screen will open.

  • Enter your Variant Title under Title field on Add Variant page

  • Enter value of Variant and click + icon

  • You can enter multiple Values and continue selecting blue plus sign after each Value 

  • Note: Currently, only one variant title is allowed and users can add multiple values for the same Variant title.

  • Not Available: Currently, Localyft platforms do not have features to add quantity by Variants. 


Seller has three different color phone covers available for sale. 

     Variation Title - Colors

     Variations: Black, White, Blue