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Drop Off Policy

Drop-Off Policy:-


Size & Weight Restrictions

  • Allowed maximum Size and Weight is mentioned with each Drop-off location.

  • Locations are allowed to Deny on holding your item(s) incase of exceeding Size or Weight than allowed maximum Weight.

Where to Drop-off after sale confirmation ?

  • Customers will select one of the locations  from your selected location(s) list at order confirmation. 

  • You (Seller) will receive an Order confirmation and other status notifications and reminders via your Mobile app account and email.

How much time do I have to Drop-off Item(s) ?

  • You (Seller) have 3 days of time after order received time to Drop-off item at Buyer selected location. The 3 days count starts after the Order is confirmed and in Pending Drop-off status.

  • If Seller fails to drop-off item in given time then order will be cancelled automatically and Buyer will receive full refund.

  • Continuous drop-off failure may result in temporary cancellation of your seller account but during that time, you will still be able to access other features of Localyft Mobile app.

What If Buyer Do Not Pick-Up ?

  • Don’t worry → Your sale money is safe with Localyft

  • Buyer will have 3 days of time after the seller drops-off the product. 3 days count starts after the Order is ready for Pick-up.

  • If Buyer will fail to pick-up product in given time then we will mark order as Failed pickup and Seller will be paid full amount as per our Shipping & Drop-off Payout policy.