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Pick-up purchase protection

Pick-up Purchase Protection Policy:

  • Purchase Protection Policy. The Items sold on our platform have 100% buyer protection.

At “Localyft Platform”, we offer a full money-back guarantee for all purchases made on our website. If you have any issue with the product that you have purchased from our “Platform”, you can get your money back as long as it comes under our Refund policy rules. You are eligible to dispute the order within 3 calendar days of your product received.

What is covered in Purchase Protection

  1. If we conclude that the original payment was made out of fraud

  2. If there is duplicate payment was made due to technical glitch, or any other error

  3. You didn't receive your order

  4. Received quantity is different then order

  5. The product arrived damaged or different than described

  6. The Seller did not agree to stated refund policy 

  7. If Seller failed to Drop-off item(s) within given Drop-off time as per Localyft Drop-off Policy. → Maximum Drop-Off days : 3 Days after Order

What is not covered by Localyft Purchase Protection

  1. Purchase made outside of Localyft Platform(s).

  2. Purchase made in Cash for item(s) sold on Localyft platform(s) or with an in-person cashless payment.

  3. An item(s) is prohibited on Localyft platform(s).

  4. Buyer does not like an item(s) or it does not fit the buy(s) need.

  5. If Buy(s) failed to pick-up item(s) within given pick-up time as per Localyft Drop-off & Pick-up Policy. → Maximum Pick-Up days: 4 Days after the item is Ready for Pick-Up.

We suggest all the Buyers to review the Return and Refund Policy to learn more on how and when our Purchase Protection Policy will apply.