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Claim and verify your business Page

We believe that Localyft Nearby is another important page to claim solely because your prospective clients likely spend a time in the Localyft platform. Localyft is a marketplace with a motive of providing an online platform where Locals will buy, sell, ship, pick up from individuals and nearby local businesses. Contact sales at to receive more details about Localyft business gadgets.

At Localyft, only Local businesses and services listing will be allowed. List your services or products, About store and other information once your business page is approved and verified to receive more inquiries/ orders.

Therefore, it is likely that some of your past clients have visited Localyft to “check-in” to your business and may have mentioned the platform.

Furthermore, prospective client referrals will find your Localyft page when they Google your Business/ Services name. One interesting development that we come across a lot is that many businesses have a business page on Localyft without being aware of it.

Some reasons a page is automatically created are:

  • When someone checked in and you didn’t have a page (or they didn’t find it)

  • If you have multiple locations or meet your clients at a temporary office, when someone tags that location that didn’t have an individual location page already created

  • Your business name was searched at Localyft platform and customers did not find information hence our sales team added information from reliable sources like Google or Yelp. 

Localyft itself says this: “A Page may exist for your business even if someone from your business didn’t create it. For example, when someone checks into a place that doesn’t have a Page, an unmanaged Page is created to represent the location.”

Many businesses we talk to think that these unofficial business Localyft pages are not a big problem. But, more often than not, the unofficial page could lead to confusion for people referred to your business and are looking for your business. Even if you have a Localyft  page claimed and optimized, sometimes Google or even Localyft may show the wrong unofficial page.

Customers may find information which may not have the latest details about your business. Therefore, you need to start the process by looking for unofficial pages. We also recommend periodically, once every quarter or so, doing searches on Localyft to look for any unofficial and unclaimed pages that seem to refer to your business.

Therefore the first step in setting up your Localyft Business Page is:

  1. First, search for your business name. Be sure to try a few variations. As mentioned above, your business may already have a page. You will want to claim and merge all the various pages into one main page.

  2. If you find unclaimed business pages, send email to 

  3. Our sales team will contact you to verify information.

  4.  Once your business information is verified then the “Verified icon” will display next to your business under all searches. 

If you don’t see a page already for your law firm, let’s create one now:

  • You will be prompted for “List Your Business” information, enter the information here. And hit Get Started

  • If you are not logged in, you will need to Login/ Signup to associate your page to a Localyft account. 

  • Suggestion: Upload your profile picture to get more visitor

Now you have a basic Localyft Business page. This is enough for now. There are other things you can do with Localyft business gadgets, like Add your services, products and about your business.

Localyft for Vendors

  • Sign up to receive pickup order for your products with 3 simple steps

  • One - Email to Localyft sales and ask to sign up for a Localyft Vendor account.

  • Your Localyft Vendor App access will be active once your business is verified.

  • Benefit: You will receive pickup orders at Localyft vendor App and customers will pick up at their own time.